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How It All Began

​James Hampton was sitting in his tree stand one October evening in 2005 feeling confused about the direction God had for his life. He asked God audibly "Lord, what do you have planned for my life?" James felt God impress this answer on his heart: "I want you to hunt Me like you hunt these animals, and I want you teach other people how to hunt Me and My plan for their lives." Immediately James wrote down what he felt God had spoken and at that moment "Huntin the Truth Ministries" and its mission to "Create and restore relationships with Jesus Christ through hunting and the outdoors" was birthed.

What started out in 2005 as a local ministry that facilitates events for physically challenged men, women, and youth, particularly without father figures or someone to take them hunting, has expanded into a multi-faceted national ministry reaching men and women with the love of Jesus Christ using hunting and the outdoors as a vehicle to build God's kingdom. "Huntin the Truth Ministries" has three parts. Our local ministry and home chapter are located in Attica, Michigan. The local ministry continues to facilitate events for physically challenged men, women, and youth such as deer hunts, turkey hunts, pheasant hunts, and fishing tournaments. The local ministry of Huntin the Truth has seen God touch the lives of many people in the community through these events and the relationships that have been built!

Huntin the Truth Ministries chapter development program began in 2010 and has grown to 8 chapters across the United States allowing the ministry to expand their platform of influence to a national level. Huntin the Truth assists local church leaders with launching and developing chapters as an outreach of their local church with chapters in states such as Michigan, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, and New York. These chapters have the same general mission statement and also have a focus on ministering to youth andphysically challenged men and women.

The national speaking ministry has also allowed the message and mission of Huntin the Truth Ministries to expand across the United States. Founders of Huntin the Truth Ministries, James and Chad Hampton, preach the gospel and teach people "how to hunt God" at events such as wild game dinners, men's/youth hunting camps, Men's ministry events, conferences, retreats, prayer breakfasts, and speak at church services.

2018 brings the launch of the new Huntin The Truth Outdoor Online Church!  This outdoor online ministry was created with a vision to reach hunters and outdoorsmen with the Gospel of Jesus Christ who do not attend a local church, and disciple christian hunters and outdoorsmen to "create a community of hunters and outdoorsmen who hunt God and His plan for our lives together"!

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