Secrets of the Hunt

  • The Whitetail Teacher

    The book Secrets of the Hunt opened my eyes to a new way to look at my relationship with God. It challenged me to search deeper than the surface level of "read your Bible, pray, and go to church." Secrets of the Hunt gave me a practical plan to start truly searching for God and his plan for my life through concepts that I already understood and loved doing. This book is a must read. I have the utmost respect for Chad and James Hampton and the mission that they have set out on. I am glad to have picked up their book and be lucky enough to call them my friends.

  • Steve Chapman - Author of A Look at Life from a Deer Stand

    "Secrets of the Hunt illustrates that the same secrets required to harvest the whitetail buck of a lifetime are the same secrets that are required to experience the most fulfilling harvest of our lives: Knowing God and His plan for us. We can't harvest a monster buck unless we are hunting for him, and we can't harvest the purpose and plan God has for us unless we are hunting God. Find out the secrets to the most exciting hunt of our lives in this book."“I commend James and Chad for pouring their hearts onto the pages of Secrets of the Hunt. Those who have been “wired” for hunting will readily connect with the helpful insights they have included in the book. In addition, those who might not embrace the “fair chase” can glean life-changing truths from the writing as well”

  • Mr. Skipper Bettis - Owner of Two Hats Ranch/Motivational

    “God has blessed us tremendously with the gift of hunting, and Chad and James have laid out nicely tips of the hunt along with seeking God’s trophies that He has in store for us as men, along with everyone.”

The Guide to Hunting Gods Plan for Your Life

Your path to becoming a content, fulfilled, and peaceful person begins with God. We understand that this life can get hectic, sad, angry, and fearful at times. However, you should not have to be trapped by all of these negative emotions. In the book, 'Secrets of the Hunt' we will guide you through the 8 "secrets" that will propel you towards a fulfilling life that starts with Jesus Christ at the center of it all. We are prepared and willing to lead you away from the meaningless feelings that can crawl into your head and towards a life full of vibrant energy and passion for what you do. If you are feeling lost or confused, our book will give you a great starting place along a life-long journey of pursuing God and his most fulfilling plan for your life.

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