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Who We Serve

We serve the outdoorsmen and hunters that are searching for a like minded community. We strive to provide the best environment for hunters to not only enjoy the outdoors but more importantly learn about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We would be thrilled for you to join us in spreading the Gospel and growing in your faith through the outdoors. We hope that in your life, you never stop Hunting' the Truth.

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Hunter's Gatherings

Chad and James Hampton

Twin brothers, hunting buddies, best friends, and most importantly brothers in Christ. We have seen first hand the power of Jesus Christ working through our own lives and the lives of people we have served. We know how important that a community or even just one friend can be as we walk with God through our lives. We are dedicated to serving the Church and serving our community. It is no doubt that we have struggled in our lives and had seasons of harvest and seasons of empty tags and lost hope. However, throughout the storm one thing remains. Jesus! That is why we started Huntin' the Truth Ministries. To help people like ourselves weather the storm and continue to pursue God through all things.

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